Saanich West

Saanich West


Saanich West

Representing the western quarter of the municipal area of Saanich, Saanich West is made up of seventeen neighborhoods—from countryside and lake-side suburbs to homes located within proximity to shops and more urban amenities.

It could be argued that one of West Saanich's most desirable qualities lies in its northernmost division. Here you'll find picturesque country backdrops populated with diverse trees, hillsides and winding roadscapes; typically these would require at least a twenty or thirty minute commute from town center. Central and Southern portions of Saanich West offer prospective homeowners many lakeside neighborhoods which enjoy convenient access to popular landmarks such as parks, waterfronts, schools and bus routes.

More than anywhere else in British Columbia, Saanich features 174 different open spaces for inhabitants: parks, hiking trails as well as beaches - making it a top spot for outdoorsy types or those who value an idyllic coastal lifestyle unspoiled by development or overcrowding.

Other Facts

A residential home for sale in a rural area in Victoria BC
  • Pet-Friendly: the number of parks and open spaces make it an ideal place for pets.
  • Family-Friendly: lower density complemented by proximity to schools, parks, and key retail districts, make it very appealing to families.
  • Many suburban areas of West Saanich are surrounded by green space, farm land and/or forestry.

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