North Saanich

North Saanich


North Saanich

North Saanich offers sweeping views of hills and valleys, a gracious feeling of space, and a close relationship with nature.

North Saanich has mostly rolling terrain that stretches throughout its land mass. Its topography is made up of forests interspersed with farmland. The beauty here is enhanced by 3 coasts that border this region; while the waters encircle them, they also embrace them through some lush greenery! With airports near-by and access to ferries - you'll never find yourself too far away from home or adventure.

A significant portion of North Saanich is farmland with plenty going on - including various crops such as apples, cherries and hops which contribute both fresh produce and features new scenery to its otherwise residential neighborhoods.

There's something for everyone here if you're looking for an intimate coastal retreat or just want to experience everything British Columbia has to offer - golf courses, parks/forest reserves, beaches galore & so much more!

Other Facts

An aerial view of the oak bay harbour
  • North Saanich is home to a 45 km shoreline that extends around most of the municipality.
  • Both main travel entrance points on Southern Vancouver Island are located in North Saanich.
  • Eetsun-Hunnumut, the Saanich language motto of North Saanich, is loosely translated to mean “the land where it is good to be.”

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