Vic West

Vic West


Vic West

With a total landmass of 158 hectares, Victoria West spans the left side of the City of Victoria.

An eclectic and lively neighborhood, it rests on a slither of land surrounded by beautiful coastal waterways, connected to the central downtown core by two city bridges (the Selkirk Trestle) - one for pedestrians and cyclists, one for automobiles only - that cross over or run parallel to breathtakingly scenic Gorge Waterway.

Vic West has 22 parks for you and your family to enjoy, featuring ample green space where you can spend time outdoors enjoying sunset views or running alongside your four-legged friends (on leash).

When hunger strikes...Just stroll across one of Victoria West's many thoroughfares until you find yourself smack in front of plentiful eateries and hot spots--from mom and pop shops to popular chains--that cater specifically to those who call this great area home.

Other Facts

Photo of the victoria, BC harbour
  • Walking / Biking: Victoria West has Walkable and bikeable access to downtown shops and restaurants, waterfront parks, orchards and green spaces that you can enjoy without changing out of your flip-flops.
  • Pet-Friendly: Victoria West features several parks, walkways and open spaces that welcome leashed-dogs as well as offering dedicated dog off-leash areas.
  • Family-Friendly: Victoria West encompasses some family-friendly elements for sure, including walkable access to parks, playgrounds, and outdoor areas as well as easy access to public transit and the downtown core via foot, bicycle, car or bus.

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