Landford & Westshore

Landford & Westshore


Landford & Westshore

Langford and the Westshore is the perfect place to call home if you want to experience the best that Vancouver Island has to offer.

Langford and the cities and towns within the Westshore host a vibrant population of over 35,000 people and a slew of natural amenities - from lakeside activities to stunning views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

If you're living in Langford, you'll be able to explore it all - from its densely populated downtown area where residents can take care of life's necessities before heading home or out for fun at one of its many eateries and stores, being serenaded by beautiful choral music at church or spending time with family at one of the many parks dotting these streets.

Additionally, Langford is an ideal destination because it has easy access to two major highways (Trans-Canada Highway 1 and Malahat Drive) as well as plenty of affordable housing options - all within just 15 minutes from Victoria International Airport.

Other Facts

A modern home for sale in Langford BC
  • Langford is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, and development is doing a good job of keeping up with the demand for real estate.
  • The Westshore embodies a number of cities and communities, including: Colwood, Langford, Highlands, View Royal, and Metchosin.
  • Natural features include three prominent lakes (Langford Lake, Glen Lake and Florence Lake), as well as Mount Finlayson, Mount Wells, and Goldstream Provincial Park.

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